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Serving The Charlotte Metro Area Since 1992; you can trust the experience and long standing reputation of Franklin P. Sparkman. Click here to learn more about our business.

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Let's face it, you are busy running your business! With all of responsibility of success, let Franklin P. Sparkman handle your accounting services.

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Serving The Lancaster Metro Area Since 1992

Franklin P. Sparkman has more than 26 years of experience working with clients in the Lancaster area. Attention to detail and dedication to every client is part of what makes our service a notch better than all the rest. Small business owners and large corporations continue to benefit from our wide variety of business accounting services. Bookkeeping, payroll services and business accounting have never been as easy or as efficient as it is when you go with Franklin P. Sparkman.


Accounting for all your monthly transactions can become a difficult and time-consuming task for any business owner. That is where it helps to have the assistance of a professional. Franklin P. Sparkman offers comprehensive bookkeeping service, which includes bank payments, bank balances, payable accounts, the submission of bills and much more. Providing detailed monthly reports, Franklin P. Sparkman will get your books in order. Business owners and corporations will be able to track all their transactions and manage their finances more easily. Every last credit card purchase and bank deposit will be laid out in a convenient and orderly form.

Business Accounting Services

Accounting can be a daunting chore for any business owner. With so many details to cover, there is always a chance something could be missed. Franklin P. Sparkman can make sure every detail is covered when it comes to your monthly statements. Franklin P. Sparkman can take care of your business’ income statements which account for all expenses and revenue. These business accounting services also address the general ledger, making sure it is updated and accurate every month. Balance sheets and cash flow statements are another couple of areas that are handled as part Franklin P. Sparkman’s Business Accounting services.

Payroll Service

In the busy world of everyday business, owners do not always have the time to figure out their weekly payroll. It can be a tedious task and that’s where it pays to have a professional step in and handle payroll. Franklin P. Sparkman offers customized payroll services in addition to online payroll services. This is a cost-efficient option which enables clients to accurately file taxes while also providing them with detailed reports of everything involved with payroll.

QuickBooks and Bank Reconciliation

As an experienced QuickBooks Pro Advisor, Franklin P. Sparkman helps businesses with everything that QuickBooks entails. This is a convenient and easy way for business owners to keep track of all their payable and receivable accounts. QuickBooks training and consulting are two more of the top-notch services brought to you by Franklin P. Sparkman. And as part of our bank reconciliation services, clients can rest assured that their taxes are up to date, any lost deposits are identified and cash is managed much more efficiently. There are so many reasons why it pays to go with Franklin P. Sparkman for all your business accounting needs in Lancaster.